IOS International - Information On the Spot  
Our 5 step solution for your risk issue
1. Inventory On the Spot : retrieve & visualise your data
2. Inspection On the Spot : inspect & report the differences
3. Intelligence On the Spot : determine risks & priorities
4. Instruction On the Spot : prepare guidelines
5. Intervention On the Spot : make all info available

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IOS International is a Belgian ICT company

delivering a Software & Services Solution for Physical Asset Information Management

  • IOS Mapper

A software application to map and inspect different risk elements in various domains such as fire safety, physical security, environment etc., provided with a powerfull reporting function,

focusing on the digitization, control, structuring and updating of very specific content, i.e. all data related to a physical asset, completed with a strong reporting functionality.

  • IOS Publisher

A web platform to centralise and publish risk information in a harmonised emergency plan,

delivering scenario based information to the mission critical activities of an organization.

  • IOS Services

    Education, assistance, data collection, data import, report creation, IT services (installation, integration with existing systems, analyses and development for tailor-made solutions)

IOS -  which stands for Information On the Spot - offers a Total Solution and works by a I5-Methodology.

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Special web pages & instruction movies

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Discover the NEW IOS Solutions

* Evacuation plan according to ISO 23601:2009

With the new IOS Evacuation module you can make evacuation plans accorting to the new ISO regulations.


The IOS ATEX-module helps you to create standardized zoning plans and to assemble these plans into a zoning dossier.

* Preventive and corrective maintenance

IOS Maintenance and Control can be used for preventive and corrective maintenance.

The software tool facilitates maintenance and control activities and helps to preditct and reduce costs.

  • Download the brochure: NL + FR


* Prevention against Legionnaires' disease

  • Download the brochure: NL + FR

* If you are interested to see how the IOS software looks like, you can watch the instruction film that we have shown at Secura 2013: IOS_Mapper_NL-Publisher FR-SECURA


IOS Project reference sheets

  • Fire safety reporting for Brico Belgium (NL + FR)
  • Online emergency plan for the Port of Brussels (NL + FR)
  • Plan d’urgence et d’intervention communal: Commune de Manage (Hainaut) (FR)

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Nuclear power plants made safer

It is standard practice in many countries operating nuclear power plants to rely on a deterministic Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA).

IOS International has created a FHA software solution to

  • gather and make an inventory of data related to facilities, fire protection means and the fire load
  • calculate and visualize the fire propagation path, including technical reports and graphs
  • calculate the adequacy of detection systems & extinguishing units

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  • 15/03/2015 Prenne Gent
  • 25-26-27/03/2015 Secura 2015 Link
  • 1-2/04/2015 Maintenance 2015 Link
  • 21-22-23/04/2015 Infopol 2015
  • 17/09/2015 Prenne Affligem

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IOS International wins trophy for innovation at Expoprotection Paris !!!


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CEMAC Gazette

Interesting news from CEMAC (Crisis & Emergency Management Centre) on their Newsblog:

Back to Algeria …

A joint CEMAC – IOS – FSC mission is currently in Algeria for a number of exercises and the team is present at the 5th Fire & Security exhibition at SAFEX in Algiers (18-21 nov 2012).

Integrated emergency management at remote locations

CEMAC, with the support of staff from IOS International, has organised in the Algerian part of the Sahara an integrated emergency response and management exercise.



E-magazine Security matters

Interested in what our partner Securitas has to say about IOS? Check out the article on page 6 of their E-magazine. (Download English version)

IOS International involved in a European research project called

The international project ASTUTE was launched in 2011 and will be completed in 2014. The project focuses on pro-active decision support for data-intensive environments.

IOS International participates in the use case "Smart embedded emergency dispatching system" (emergency management) - to enhance the situational awareness of emergency workers during stressful events. 

Our IOS client Recor in Hasselt was prepared to open up their buildings for a field study. Download the document containing the findings from the field study with the prevention agent at Recor NV, drawn up by our ASTUTE-partner Namahn.


IOS International is a member of Agoria